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More Tickets Released For Jonas Brothers

Extra tickets have been released to Wednesday's previously sold-out Jonas Brothers concert at the Cumberland County Civic Center in Portland.

Side-of-stage and other seats, some of which are from the band’s personal allotment, are available at the Cumberland County Civic Center box office, 775-3458; all Ticketmaster outlets, 775-3331; and on-line.

The band just got off last fall’s Hannah Montana-Miley Cyrus tour and is one of the nation’s hottest acts. All thanks to Disney, which has apparently tired of being a farm league for pop talent (Christina, Britney, Justin, etc.), and is now launching stars on its own.

Last summer, the JoBros - Nick, Joe and Kevin - quietly performed at Six Flags parks. Now, with televised ties to Miley Cyrus and a push from the Mickey Mouse folks, they're filling arenas with young shriekers.

For last Friday's sold-out Patriot Center date, scalpers wanted hundreds of dollars for a ticket to hear "S.O.S" and "Hold On." To older ears, too much of the material sounds like "The Banana Splits" theme to command that price. But those whose parents paid it behaved as Beatlemaniacs once did. Arena management said after the show that the Jonas Brothers broke all house records for merchandise sales.

Tickets are $50 and $40. The opening act is Rooney.